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Bring your existing JSE equity portfolio from your current broker to Trive South Africa and start enjoying next-gen tech, dedicated Equity Stockbrokers and bespoke research for as little as 0.15%*
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Time to switch to smarter investments with Trive

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What you should know


When transferring your portfolio to Trive South Africa, your existing positions will remain intact. Since you are not selling (closing your position) and re-opening with Trive, you will not incur Capital Gains Tax throughout the transfer process.

Low fees

When you switch to Trive South Africa, you will enjoy fees as low as 0.15% until the end of June 2024. Please note that fees at your current broker may apply when transferring.


To support your investing journey, Trive South Africa offers dedicated Equity Stockbrokers and weekly bespoke research to assist you in the decision-making process.

Time to switch to
smarter investments with Trive

Are you an investor with an existing portfolio at another broker? Are you tired of wasting your hard-earned cash on high fees and commissions? Take charge and make a change today! We are offering unbeatably low fees of 0.15% until the end of June 2024 for investors who transfer their existing JSE portfolios with a minimum of R10 000 over to Trive South Africa. Stop losing your cash to fees, switch to Trive South Africa today.

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Time to switch to smarter investments with Trive

Want to know more?

Kindly complete the contact form with a basic outline of your portfolio. Once our team has made contact, we’ll send you a ‘Portfolio Transfer’ request form to complete and send back to us, together with a statement of your account reflecting your portfolio holdings with your current broker. Thereafter the switch will begin, and our team will keep you posted on the progress thereof.

When you switch your portfolio to Trive South Africa, your existing positions will remain intact and merely transfer to your new stockbroker. Your positions will not be closed out and as a result, you will not be paying any Capital Gains Tax.

This period may vary and depends on your current brokerage. However, on average it can be expected to take between 5 – 10 working days to switch your portfolio.

Please reach out to our Equity Stockbrokers for a customised quotation. Kindly note that your current brokerage might have certain fees that may apply to this transaction.

Our team will be in touch to collect and process your KYC/FICA documents and assist with opening your new Trive Investor account.

Unfortunately, only equity portfolios can be transferred.

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Access over 2800 local and international stocks to help you design your future

  • Access wide range of stocks
  • Earn dividends
  • Get expert customer support
  • Invest with next-gen tech
  • Access to bespoke research
  • Enjoy low fees and commissions
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